BEAU TARDY (American-French) 

Paris-born American artist Beau Tardy began his art career in 1984 in New York City where he attended Parsons School of Design. After dropping out of art school, he became involved in the East Village art scene getting his work published in the seminal East Village Eye and participating in group shows. 


After going on rent strike and ending up penniless in New York, he moved back to Paris where he joined art collective Mano-Mano to do street art, graffiti, billboard subversion and art performances.


Beginning in 1987, he became increasingly involved in electronic imagery, computer art, video and television, garnering a French government Ministry of Culture art grant for his 'Electronism' project. 


Back in New York he was hired by the on-air graphics department at MTV where he animated graphics and show opens for MTV News, Yo! MTV Raps and The Real World. He went on to work for most major networks garnering several industry awards. 


Beau has shown internationally including the Barcelona Biennale, the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, Sydney, Australia, Paris and New York.

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