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Thursday, March 15, 2018

My Wimpy Painting for a Houston Heights Restaurant was Stolen!

This is a crazy story! In February I offered Balls Out Burgers in Houston Heights an original painting for becoming a new follower on my Instagram account ( )
I decided it would be fun to paint Wimpy the Popeye character who always eats burgers.
Wimpy by Beau Tardy ©2018
I was really happy with the painting that was mixed media acrylic, spray paint with stencils on paper 24"x30". After framing it and delivering it I heard nothing back from Balls Out Burgers. Actually when I had delivered the painting I got a weird vibe from the guy who I handed it to. I was told he was the manager but he just kinda mumbled and took the painting without even saying thanks! Anyway, I waited a month and still heard nothing back until I emailed them to see if they even liked the painting. The response was that the painting had been stolen! Apparently someone made off with a bunch of money and the painting. How crazy is that? The nice people from customer service said they did not know that nobody had contacted me to say thanks. They offered me free burgers too, which I will gladly accept. Sorry that had to happen to them. Maybe it's time to do another painting :)

Beau Tardy with Wimpy painting. ©2018

Monday, November 13, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

'HIGH' original canvas on sale for only $500 (+shipping)

I am putting this great canvas up for sale because I need to raise money quickly. This 30x24 canvas is finished with several layers of gloss varnish and just shines. Original spray paint, metallic paint and acrylic featuring hand-cut stencil of Papa Smurf. This is a gem and I want it to go to a collector who will appreciate it. Was featured in the Paris, America show at Barrister's Gallery in New Orleans in 2016.