Recent Work

"Blinkwave" digital painting 16" x 20" ©Beau Tardy 2018
Europena painting by Beau Tardy Artist
"European" digital painting 16" x 20" © Beau Tardy Artist 2018

"Temptation part 1" by Beau Tardy 2018. Digital print. Part of the "#EVERYDAYART" series.

"Dope." Spray enamel, stencil, acrylic paint markers. Metallic painted frame bonded to canvas. ©2017

'Any Time Of Night'. Spraypaint on canvas. 24"x30" Beau Tardy ©2017

'Good Dope' Acrylic, spraypaint on canvas. 24"x30" Beau Tardy©2016

Dope Hype. Aerosol, metallic paint, acrylic on canvas. 22" x 28". ©2016

Banksy Smurfed. Street Art Stencilled on top of Banksy in New Orleans. ©2016

Tattoo. Acrylic & spraypaint on canvas. 30"x24" ©2016

Test Line for Lower Third. Photoshop digital art. ©2015

Heart of Fire. Photoshop. Digital print on canvas. ©2014

Tagged wall installation at Barrister's Gallery in New Orleans. Series of 12 panels of high resolution 5 color HP z-6100 thermal laminated and mounted digital prints. Digitally painted featuring actress Ashley Greene. ©2013

All rights reserved. For more info contact: Twitter: @b1rdtv

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